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Vroom® is working hard to bring brain-building resources to families, caregivers, schools, and organizations across the state. Vroom has helped empower thousands of parents already with the free app that helps turn everyday moments into brain-building moments. You have what it takes to be a brain-builder—and Vroom can help!

5B45 + Vroom

Vroom® helps Utah families Love, Talk, Read, Count, and Play more in the  moments they share together, creating a strong foundation for lifelong learning begins in the first five years of life when the brain develops most quickly. Vroom has partnered with scientists, researchers, and parents to help turn everyday moments into Brain Building Moments®.


Empowering Adults

 With 1,000+ fun, free tips, you’ve got what it takes to add learning to mealtime, bedtime, bathtime, or anytime! Vroom has partnered with over 50 Utah organizations to to creatively share brain-building science so all Utah kids can grow up to become thriving adults. Download the free Vroom app on your iOS or Android device to see how fun and easy brain-building can be.

Vroom by Text in Utah

Vroom by Text™ in Utah is now available! Receive weekly, personalized text messages from Jesse, your virtual brain-building assistant.

Every time we connect with young children, it’s not just their eyes that light up—it’s their brains, too. Vroom’s free text service helps all parents discover that you already have what it takes to boost your child’s learning, and Vroom by Text is here to help!

Message and data rates may apply. See vroom.org/terms for terms and privacy policy. Text STOP to cancel.

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